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Cape & Islands Mediation Collaborative is all about neighbors helping neighbors. Cape and Islands Mediation Collaborative (CIMCI) is a referral service created by a collaboration of mediators dedicated to providing alternative and affordable forums for assisting individuals, groups and businesses in resolving conflicts and legal disputes without experiencing the trauma of traditional legal actions. The mediators to whom we will refer you have diverse backgrounds including mental health counseling, agricultural, community and environmental issues, business and market development, and legal expertise in divorce, bankruptcy, litigation and probate matters. They will also adhere to a Code of Conduct which we have established and which you can see on this site. We have seen that mediation is a cost effective and personally satisfying method of resolving disputes. Give us a call. We will try to help you. 1-855-7MEDIATE.

What can mediation do for you?

Mediation can assist in resolving disputes including, but not limited to the following types of disputes:
    Divorce: separation settlements, alimony/spousal support, division of property, & post-decree modifications, parenting plans, child support, child custody, & visitation issues.

    Business: financial disagreements, landlord/tenant, roommates, condo associations, organizations, & contract disputes.

    Family conflicts: inheritance disputes & elder care.

    Real Estate: purchase and sale agreements, zoning, land use, easements

    Community disputes: conflicts between neighbors & problems within the broader community.

    Workplace relations: Employers/employees/co-workers

    Consumers: Warranty claims, 93A claims.

    Bankruptcy: nondischargeability, fraud.

Contractor disputes.

    Contractors: Homeowner disputes, supplier problems.


If you have never tried mediation, please tell us about your perceptions of it. Please click here: SURVEY1

If you have tried mediation before, please tell us about your experience. Please click here: SURVEY2


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